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Open anthropology is a concept and a community based on continued forward thinking about life and culture. It’s about the many (many) ways we can approach the world with an anthropological lens and openly share what we find.

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We are scholars, practitioners, advocates, educators, writers and so much more. We are a community with an outlook that we choose to practice every day. Would you like to join us?

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Anything from advocating for positive change to, educating critical thinkers of tomorrow, to keeping our own minds committed to the foundations of anthropology. Come and see.

Museum of Unsustainable Consumer Culture

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Dan Virgillito

Interior Designer

“Anthropology is about people. People change, and so should we."


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Mark Chatarpal

Mark Chatarpal

Lecturer: CIA



Food Systems Analyst

Lyra Spang

Lyra Spang

Owner: Taste Belize

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