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This is an opportunity to take part in an international research project comparing “moral balancing” in every day life among college students.
Begun in 2010 at Indiana University, this project is now open for extension to any other institutions around the world. Students are asked to write an essay of 300 to 900 words as a take-home assignment reflecting on their eating. The project promises an innovative new way of understanding why students make particular choices, and how food fits into their everyday moral Compass. Participants will become co-authors on any resulting publications.

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Shaming has worked in thousands of human cultures to control individual behavior which is damaging to the group. Currently, the world economy hosts hundreds of billionaires, people who own and control amounts of wealth equal to that of the poorest 50% of the world’s population. How can we expect normal people to change their behavior and make sacrifices for sustainability while the super rich continue to fly personal fleets of airplanes, enjoy dozens of large homes and properties, and grow richer off their wealth?

If you’re interested in considering and/or using the power of the Internet to shame the super rich let us know.



We plan a number of online publication ventures including and online journal, a newsletter and regular blog posts. We will also be able to offer online hosting for longer publications.

  • Do you have something you want to publish immediately?
  • Is there a new journal you would like to get off the ground?
  • Would you like to post a work in progress for comments?
  • Want to put up older publications which have never had the attention they deserve?
  • Do you a monograph which is too long or complicated for a commercial press?

Let us know!